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Classes Offered:

  • Monty’s Neighborhood Snacks Cooking Course (1:1)
  • Monty’s Neighborhood Snacks Interactive Cooking Classes (Group session)
  • Monty’s Neighborhood Snacks Soft skill building Cooking Program / Interactive Cooking Program
  • Monty’s Neighborhood Snacks Interactive Business Transition Program


Monty’s Neighborhood Snacks cooking demonstration includes

Handout of ingredients, prices tips, and helpful hints for quick reference at home

  • Interactive food preparation demonstration that will show how to prepare 2 delicious meals with budget and time in mind.
  • Presenter conclusion with take-home gifts and other information

      Includes food, interactive props, and gift for guests.


Monty’s Neighborhood Snacks Cooking Course (1:1)

The cooking unit will consist of 8 classes with direct instruction these classes teach techniques that will help anyone develop and enhance their skills in the kitchen. The 8-week course will range from learning how to make quiche to spaghetti. All classes are fun and engaging.


Monty’s Neighborhood Snacks Interactive Cooking Classes

These classes are hands-on everyone gets to participate in small groups by creating the dish along with the instructor. 


Monty’s Neighborhood Snacks Soft skill building Cooking Program/ Interactive Cooking Program

Soft skills cannot be taught in a vacuum nor can they be acquired simply because the goal of a lesson plan indicates it shall be so.  Rather, they must be introduced, developed, refined, practiced, and reinforced. Monty’s Neighborhood Snacks is committed to providing resources regarding soft skills in a way that is useful, creative, hands-on and fundamentally beneficial for all types of all types of learners (juvenile and adult offenders, camp students, single parents).  The contents of this program reflect that commitment. 

The activities are created for all regardless of disability or differences in learning style, and as such have been designed with an inclusive spirit and a structure supporting universal design for learning.  Each exercise consists of an activity designed to get people thinking about, practicing, and discussing skills important for career and personal success – soft skills.  Additionally, these activities are not weighed down with instructional methodology or specific teaching strategies.

In this program the students will have courses not only teaching them how to cook but introducing them to the soft skills they will need to be successful in their future careers. These activities and topics are incorporated in to the cooking classes, introduced in a new fun and innovative way to keep their attention.  With the goal of teaching them life skills that they can use forever.

 Along with the cooking lessons they will be exposed to several soft skills and feature one of these topics:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Time management
  • Stress Management
  • Team Building
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Personal productivity


Monty’s Neighborhood Snacks Interactive Business Transition Program

This program is designed to incorporate the soft skills needed to transition into the workforce. During this 4-week course participants will create, market and sell products from their own labor.  This program is made to enhance collaboration work ethic and sense of accomplishment.


Monty’s Neighborhood Snacks also offers to come speak with your group about navigating through life. With a severe learning disability. He continued to work hard to earning a degree from Delaware State University.  Struggling through different career paths he has realized how important it is to share with others knowledge he has.  He can provide several presentations

  • Growing up with a learning disability and overcoming obstacles
  • Changing careers to start your own business

The presentations are catered to the audience’s needs (meeting people where they are). 


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